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Set Up a Vulnhub Machine on VirtualBox

Welcome Reader, Today I'll show you how to set up any virtual machine on a VirtualBox from Vulnhub safely.

I'm using windows same method will work for linux and mac.

We'll start by downloading a machine let's go with "Matrix-Breakout: 2 Morpheus". Try using a download manager to avoid any errors I used IDM. Download the VirtualBox also if you haven't already. After downloading the files unzip it and you'll have something like this.

Now, We have to import the file to the VirtualBox. You can just double-click the .ova file (the one with the orange square icon) or you can drag and drop it into the VirtualBox.

I'll go with everything on defaults. You can change the Name or base folder. Click Finish and your machine is imported. Now, We'll move on to do some network settings.

  1. We can use the bridge adapter settings but It'll make your machine accessible to others on the network leaving your machine in a vulnerable state.

  2. We can use the NAT Network settings which others can't access. I recommend using this method as it is secure and does not leave your machine in a vulnerable state.

Let's create a NAT Network first. Click on Tools > NAT Networks and add a new network.

After adding a NAT Network open the settings of your VM. Click on the Network and select the following.

Do the same for your attacking machine. You need to make sure both the attacking and target machine is on the name NAT Network.

In my case, I changed my Kali Linux VM network settings to NAT Network (Blacked). It's time to Power on the machines. I used the Netdiscover tool from Kali to discover my target machine.

Thanks for reading. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

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