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TryHackMe - Brooklyn Nine Nine Walkthrough

Difficulty: Easy

Created by: Fsociety2006

Welcome Reader, Today we'll hack Brooklyn Nine Nine from TryHackMe. This machine is super easy and best for beginners. Let's start with an Nmap scan.

Nmap Scan

It's running Ubuntu, FTP anonymous login is allowed and there is an interesting file in there let's move the file to our attacking machine. I added the target's IP address to /etc/hosts so that I don't have to type the IP again.

FTP Anonymous Login

Let's read the contents of note_to_jake text file.

Password Brute Force

This is a note from Amy to Jake, asking him to change his weak password and Holt will be mad if he gets hacked because of his weak password. This note revealed three users. We also know that the password of Jake is weak which means we should try Password Brute Forcing on Jake's account using Hydra.

We successfully cracked Jake's password. We can now log in as Jake through SSH.



Let's check if this user can run anything as root.

This user can run less tool as root. Less is a file viewer tool in Linux. We can use this technique from GTFOBins to pop a root shell.

Type this in when less opens the file.

It will spawn a root shell.

Thanks for reading. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask me.

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